Fixing an essay or writing an essay?

Question:What is the best way to fix written essay or piece of writing?
i am taking exam toamrrow assment exam and i know they ask to fix there putpose mistake so what are best option to catch those mistakes
for helping me out

You just have to have the skills already; it's not something you can learn overnight.
Okay well it is called Editing!!

watch for spelling errors..capitalization errors
Make a mental checklist for common errors:
subject/verb agreement
correct conjugation
correct word order
consistent tense
nouns/pronouns show correct number
prepositions are correct
correct negation
all sentences are clear, comprehensible, logical

It's hard to fix the essay, if you don't recognize the mistakes! Your best bet is to continue to work on your grammar skills. Once you stop making common mistakes, you'll spot others' mistakes easily.

If you don't know what sorts of mistakes you make, or what grammar skills to work on, you should analyze your papers. What sorts of errors do you make? If you keep a journal of the type of errors, and how frequently you make them, you will become more aware of them.

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