Bad test takerr..?

Question:i do fine if were like, just working on a worksheet or whatever but when it comes to taking a test i bomb it really bad. what can i do to start doing better on my test?

P.S. please don't answer if you don't know..

I don't know what works for you, here are a few suggestions though.

1. Chew gum if you are allowed to (it will keep you awake and more focused).

2. Close your eyes and relax for a few minutes before the test. If you can, listen to music you like or talk to friends (but not about the test). Don't try to cram in last minute studying, it usually doesn't help.

3. Wear earplugs if you can. It will keep the noise out so you can concentrate better.

4. If you find that you are really nervous while you are taking the test, put your pencil down for a minute. Sit up straight (if you have good posture, the blood will go to your brain better). Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. This will help calm you down and make your heart beat more slowly. You should always sit up straight while taking a test. Your brain will be clearer.

5. Smile while you are doing your test. It may look really silly to other people, but when you are smiling, you will automatically be in a better mood and therefore more relaxed. (This really works for me.)

6. Take 'practice' tests. That is, if you're doing worksheets at home, do them in a quiet place sitting at a desk, so it feels more like a test. If possible, ask your parents to give you some consequences if you don't do well on the worksheet (e.g. more chores). That way you will get used to feeling the pressure.

7. Practice, practice, practice. If your teacher has extra worksheets or there are extra problems in the book, do them for more practice. Even if you get nervous or freeze up or forget things during a test, your mind will automatically remember things that you've done a lot of.
I had the same problem, the only test I would ever do well on were math because you work the answer out. However senior year I changed my studding a bit and it helped. Try a few diffrent study methoods, and go with you first choice on a test, it helps because its normally right.
try flash cards
writting material several times
reading the chaper which you are in before the class lecture
outlinning a chapter and then taking lecture notes on your outline.
going to the teacher for help
study groups.
visual aids.
Well just one word " STUDY"! lol. You have to make time in ur day to study. I no studying is boring but what can u do. Its better to get better marks than failing ur test by not studying and goofing of the whole day! You can research about ur topic on google or use books or ask a friend! Make studying fun by doing it with a friend! Hope this helps! Good luck!
you might have an anxiety problem or you might have a learning disability that makes you do bad on tests you might get yourself tested

if you are diagnosed with a learning disability or anxiety they will give you ways to overcome it or let you take all the time you need to take the test
You need to find a way to get over your test anxiety.

I suggest that you realize a bad grade is not the end of the world, relax, take a deep breath. Then treat the test like any other worksheet. You can control the outcome, you just need to relax and answer the questions as best you can. If you get stuck skip the question. One wrong won't ruin your grade and you can always go back and answer it later if it comes to you. Just relax (I know I'm saying that alot, but it's important) and take it one question at a time.
I used to suffer major anxiety when I took tests in high school. I hated it. I would psych myself big time even if I had studied a lot. The key to good test taking is to picture yourself passing the test. Prepare, but don't cram studying well in advance. Take good notes in class, and try to remember what the last test was like in the class so you know what to study for. Last of all, take a deep breath and read each question carefully. If you picture yourself failing, then you will.
Unfortunately, "bad test takers" are usually people who do not understand the concepts. Any material has a concept and if you learn the concept ( the meaning/purpose) you will do good on any test- no matter how it is asked on a test. So don't try to memorize the steps in finding the answer, look at the material and ask: what is it that I'm suppose to learn from this, and then learn it. Do this and you will not only do good on test but excel in them.

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