ACT Prep Courses??

Question:Does it really help to take a class or is it just as useful to get books/CD's and study and take practice tests yourself?
I start my junior year next month and I am VERY new to this - I need advice so I can get the best score possible (for me)!

In my opinion, classes are a waste of time and money. They help, but not any more so than getting books and studying on your own.

The best way to study for the ACT is to have a test prep book guide you through the material, take practice tests, and repeat. My favorite ACT book out there is the Real ACT Prep Guide, which is the only book with real ACT questions. The Princeton Review one might be worth a shot, and don't bother paying money for the SparkNotes version because it's available online at
they help, but the best thing you can do is find books that have the real act tests from previous years and take them, be honest with yourself and follow the time limits. and also, regardless of what any book/class tells you, on the science section DO NOT READ THE INFORMATION, first, read the question, then look at the GRAPH/CHART if you try to read the information given in the science section you will not be able to complete it. also for the reading section i would suggest that you try to get your time for each reading selection down to three minutes.
here is a free one for you ...
I think it depends on two things: (a) What is your score right now and how much do you need to raise it? (b) How you study best?

I think if you don't need a big improvement and you're very motivated, then you can buy books and just practice a lot. I needed to make a big jump on my ACT and went up in every section with the course I used. I used an online course at and I think my parents paid $500 for it. It was cheaper than a classroom course and I had a tutor from the university of chicago so it worked well. The tutor answered all of my questions and kept me motivated and sent me weekly update emails. My parents read about it in business week as some top entrpreneur contest thinghy so that's how I found out.

Good luck! Make sure you practice and study hard.

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