Fast typing?

Question:im taking typing lessons online. but i dont no how many words per minute (wpm) would be the average or expected speed.
my speed now is 26-29 wpm, how good is that.

thank u

55 is better
Accuracy at the beginning stages is KEY. You can type faster and make errors...and they take longer to fix than getting things right the first time.

Once you really know the keyboard, you will find that you stop breaking down letters L E T T E R S and just type words! At that time, your speed will increase. So go for accuracy and not backspacing and fixing things.
My speed is 80 WPM. I'm not really sure what to tell you.
that's abysmal.

Im sorry. I'm not lying it is.

Most fast typers are in the 70-90 wpm range.

Most average typers are around 45-60 wpm
Average speed for what? A job? Secretaries should type around 50 WPM or more... for example!
30 or lower is pretty low. Just keep practicing.
35-40 wpm i think is the average
I know most jobs that require typing request that you type at least type 45 wpm. You have a little ways to go, but just keep practicing. I know that chatting really helped me get my speed up. Just find some friend on Yahoo! Messenger or AIM and type away!!
well i held the record for a few years here in san diego and it was 149
I took typing classes as well, the avg would be at around 60wpm. Intermediates do
Well, I'll tell you how I do...

I'm a teenager, so I grew up in the time of computers. You need 'em for school, etc etc. When I was 12 my speed was about 60 wpm. Now that I've grown a bit more, and had more experience using a keyboard, I imagine my speed is around 80? I haven't any tests for years, though. Average range amongst the "children" are between 30 - 80 wpm.
You are at a pretty average speed right now. You should definately see improvement because there is room for you to get much faster.
I have an office girl who can do 120 per minute without mistakes and as far as I'm concerned that is totally smokin! 90 is really great and average among people who work on keyboards daily for their line of work.
i go about 60 wpm and i consider that rather slow
My mother has been a secretary for 21 years, and she has had to take many certifications for the jobs she'd had, as is company policy. She said the average (or expected amount to get a decent typist/secretarial job) is 55. She types 72 wpm...accurately!
I learned this about twenty years ago...In high school, I started at 25wpm...after the 18 week program I was at 65wpm...I'm now at 75wpm typing text and 95wpm free type.
45 wpm is an average speed u shouldn't be worried about the speed that much accuracy is more important than speed.

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