Could you take the sat and the sat 2 on the same day?

You can NOT take them both in one test session. You can take the SAT I or you can take up to three subject tests. The people who take the SAT IIs are segregated from the ones who take the SAT Is and get a different test booklet, and are on a different timing system. It would really be impossible to run both tests together.
Brainwise I would say whether or not you are up to taking the SAT and SAT 2 on the same day. It would definetely hamper the score for the second test that you take on that day. Believe me... After taking the first test you won't feel anything like taking the next one within the next week and in addition there is a high chance you will perform poorly on the next test.

Practicality wise I don't believe there are many states that offer the SAT and SAT 2 on the same day since all the testing centers will focus on one othese tests. Also these tests usually start at 8:00 in the morning so if youre in one of them, most likely the other test will be going on at the same time. I strongly strongly suggest that you do NOT take both of these tests on the same day.
Yes, you can. However, it'll really hurt your brain...
the people above are wrong. you cannot take both on the same day. You can however take up to 3 SAT IIs in one day. You will notice that the school you take the test at will split up people taking the SAT I and SAT II and put them in different rooms. SAT I and SAT II are taken at the same time but run on different start/stop cycles.
You can only take either the SAT or SAT Subject Tests in one day, it's just collegeboard rules. However, if you choose to take the subject tests u may take up to three.

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