Does anybody know any advanced SAT prep classes within Massachusetts?

I have already taken a princeton review class and i found it to be for a moment remedial. I was wondering if near are any advanced boot camp type classes contained by MA. Perhaps that take place over the summer.

Any comfort is greatly appreciated, thanks within advance

Answers:    I took that class, I thought it be remedial too! People in my class be pulling like 1200s.

Have you taken the SAT since the class? I in reality found that it helped seriously just because I took so masses practice tests. I better by more then 300 points, but i really utilized the instructor, stayed after class and studied a ton on my own etc. I also didn't hold a calculator the first time : P

On my last princeton review exam i get a 2000, but i got a 2130 on the authentic sat because princeton review make theirs much harder. If you still think you necessitate more help I'd unequivocally get a private tutor because most SAT classes are for ancestors who need clad scores and can't win them. good luck!

p.s. be your instructor's name peter?
I believe if you jump to if has classes for sats contained by all states. I own not been to the site within a few years.

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