Can anyone give me any study tips or advice?

1) Study in a quiet place, without distractions, unless you really work better with a little quiet music on.
2) Have all your materials in place, before you.
3) Have reference materials handy.
4) Memorize before you eat: the eating puts glucose into the brain & helps the memory to stick, better.
5) Don't use drugs (caffeine, chocolate, sugar) to keep you awake to study. Get plenty of good sleep.
6) Do homework gradually, so you don't need to cram.
7) Learn the main facts, then add in the details.
8) Use mnemonic devices whenever you can.
9) Take periodic stretch, water, restroom breaks & then get back to work.
These are just a few that have worked for me

-NEVER study on a tempting to get nonchalant about the material

- No played low in the background works
- If you can..DO NOT study at home
- Get a study buddy ( i know hat sounds stupid but it works
- Write down the things that you need to know (you'll be amazed at how well this works)
- If youre an active learner...sing your material (that you need to know) (i bet you know all the words t the latest song you like, dontcha?lol)
- have a snack before studying (easier to think when your stomach isnt growling)
- watch a video on the material subject(this may work for history, maybe not for math. though)
- make it interesting...for may be someone who is into movies.picture your history lesson as an action movie or a drama, picture your fractions as splitting a pizza amongst friends (i know it sounds lame but it works for some people)
- Finally, (gulp) ask your teacher/professor for help

Hope this helps and good luck! : )
don't study late when your concentration is in study.try to spent time to play in evening.early morning atleast study for 1 hour

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