Do I still have a shot at an ivy league school?

Question:Before junior year I slacked off and had a 3.54 GPA... but then I realized I needed to change and obtained all straight A's throughout my junior year (with 5 ap classes). I was able to bring my GPA to a 3.71, but did my prior grades completely ruin my chances at an ivy league school? I got 2380 on the SAT and 800 on all my subject tests, but my counselor said that grades are extremely important

You should be fine. Most of the schools youll be looking into notice effort, especially outstanding effort. Keep it up, push yourself and youll soar!
yes you do, just relax, u'll probably get into the school u want to
Just (act like) you want to go to THAT particular Ivy League school, and not that all you care about is the school's reputation, and you should do fine. Especially if you slacked off school but kept up extra-curriculars.
Hmmm. No. They usually only take 4.0 students. Harvard turned away 9 Valedictorians for every one they accepted. My boyfriends sister had over a 4.0 and perfect SAT scores, tons of AP classes and didn't get into Penn State. You can get into a good school, but Ivy League...Maybe not. For everyone of you there are tons of 4.0 students.
i think you do cause sat is second important thing college look for . and you score almost full from 20 point away . now transcript are most important thing , you let your gpa slide dow this is not a goood thing . most people slide in senior , which college stilll look for the grade . junior are most important years that college still look for it , even i don't think you going to harvard , princeton , columbia , yale , stanford . i think you may get into cornell university

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