3 or 4 AP classes?

Question:In my sophmore year, i took 2 AP classes (gov't and computer scince III) even though the rest of the 10th grade basically only took 1. Now that i'm going to be a junior, ill be taking 3, (world history, calculus, and bio) while the rest of juniors will have 2-3 also, but some may have 4. The rest of my classes are all GT. Should i sacrifice an elective for AP psychology?

Im thinking about this because id like to apply to UC Berkeley, but i live in maryland so i need to look good as an out of state applicant. Is it smarter to take 4 AP classes instead of 3, or is it an overload? I am increasing the amount i AP's im taking each year, but what?

Hi there! I just graduated from Berkeley and am now in graduate school so I hope I can help you out with this. I'm from California but I am familiar with the out of state standards. I went to a not so great high school in a kind of rural area. We only had five AP classes and they were all offered senior year, but we had lots of honors classes to choose from. I took all five AP classes senior year and took honors gov/econ. It wasn't too much to handle. When Berkeley looks at your application, they will not be comparing you to other students at your school as much as they will be comparing your courses to those offered by your school. So, if your school had four AP classes offered in 10th grade, it doesn't matter if you took two AP classes that year while everyone else took one. In Berkeley's eyes, you still fell short of taking advantage of all of them. In addition, you need to have very strong extracurriculars. Simply playing a sport and being part of a club won't cut it. You need to be a leader in something or a few things. Get involved with the community on very serious projects (not just "volunteering" at the local hospital).

On your application, make sure you mention if you are from a rural area, a first generation college student, a first generation American, or from an economically depressed area. This will help Berkeley "weigh" your grades against those of students from "feeder schools", expensive private schools, and charter schools. It does not matter what ethnicity you are as this information is blacked out on applications. Contrary to popular belief, it is unconstitutional for colleges to look at the race of an applicant during admissions.
it will definitely help. personally i think if you just stick it out you will succeed and all your hard work will pay off.
Do oyu think you can handle 4? If so, then go for it. Just make sure you manage your time wisely. Psychology AP is one of the easier ones also. If Psychology is something that you are interested in, then take it.
Are you sure that you can handle four AP classes. I think that you should jsut take 3 rather than sacrificing an elective. Enjoy high school while you can. You only get to be young once.
If you have to ask, you should only take 3 AP classes. A good way to study for AP classes is to read the articles on tutorfox:
They helped me get 5s in all the AP subjects I took

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