How come my PSAT evaluation be so low near my amazing average?

Hi, I am a Sophmore in High School. For some basis my PSAT score come out to be a 1550 when I am aiming above 2000 in the tangible SAT. My average in 10th position is a 98 unweighted in adjectives honors. My grades for the second marking extent are
math H(highest level after advanced and regular) - 97
English H - 97
World History-96
Chem H - 99
Spanish- 99
Is this a problem or am i freshly not used to the testing
PS. i took the Biology E/M SAT 2 in 9th position and got a 670.

Answers:    Well I am guessing that your classes are pretty easy, considering your grades. Another entry might be that you are not very appropriate at standardized testing. I know that is to say my problem. Take a class or something on how to take the test well. Learn to play their winter sport.
Your school is probably moderately easy within terms of its curriculum; otherwise, you'd for sure have done better than a 1550. You may enjoy just be careless next to your answers, though.

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