Can someone explain AS level results to me?

Question:I have just finished uni and cant remember how AS levels work! A family member has just got 3 u's at AS- as far as i remember this means fail right? Does anyone know what the percentage brackets are for the marks. is he likely to be given the chance to retake these having failed 3 out of 4? and do AS level marks count towards your final A level mark? Im being asked by eveyone and like i remember!Please help! thanks ; P

Yes a U is a fail.

Results are generally not given as percentages. If there is a numerical mark given, it will either be the UMS mark or the raw mark for that unit. AS Level grades will be calculated by adding up the marks achieved by the candidate in the three AS Level units in each subject.

A Level grades are calculated by adding up the results achieved by the candidate in each of the three AS Level Units plus the results from each of the A2 units (these would be the units taken in Year 13). Therefore, yes the AS units do count towards the overall A Level grade.

Will this candidate be given the chance to progress to Year13, so that he can take the A2 units? That depends very much on the policy of his school/college. Some would take the view that young people have a right to take these qualifications and that a student, once started on an A Level course, should be given the chance to complete it. Other schools/colleges would take the view that this very poor AS Level performance is a clear indication that this candidate lacks the ability and/or the work ethic to cope with A Level study.

Generally, the more selective school sixth forms, concerned with their position in A Level league tables, would be more likely to deny such a candidate entry to Year 13.

An important thing to remember is that the AS Level units can be re-taken in the January and/or the Summer of Year 13. Nevertheless, a school could take the view that a candidate who performs so badly on the AS Level units would be unlikely to cope with taking the more difficult A2 units while, resitting the AS Level units at the same time.

This student, together with his parents, might want to consider carefully and honestly whether his very bad Year 12 performance is the result of a lack of ability or a lack of effort. If it is the latter, is there a reasonable prospect of him improving his work ethic in Year 13?
Yes a U is considered a fail at as levels.As grades do contribute to the final mark, AS level grades make up to 50% of the final A level mark.The best thing for him would be to retake the whole of year 12 again since he failed 3 out of 4 subjects.He would have to discuss it with his school. About the percentage brackets, 80% = A, 70% = B, 60% = C, 50% = D and 40%= E so anything below that is a fail (u).Hope that helps :)
U is a fail, however he should be allowed to retake these exams; he is likely to be asked to start the previous year again, hence 'resit the year,' however, if the other grade he got was high enough for the institute he should also be able to carry on with this to A2 level, should he wish to do so.

As levels carry a 50% weighting of the final A level mark; so yes the grades do count towards his final grade and it would be best to resit all his exams.

As levels normally work on a system of 3 units, followed by another 3 in the last year. The grade scored in each unit is then averaged and a final grade is come up with. Depending on the subject and exam bored the grade boundaries are generally as follows:

A= 80% These are however subject to change at
B= 70% the discretion of the particular exam board
C= 60% depending on who scored what; for
D=50% example, if lots of people did well, it would
E= 40% be made harder to score a high grade.
U= 0%-39%

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