Despite miles more money into the system, how come 15/16 year old illiterates are leaving school?

Question:Times tables and basic English can't be that hard.
Before you comment;
I know times tables are not part of the NC.

because the system is FAR too soft. there is no discipline, and rowdyism and disruptive behaviour is condoned and rewarded... how foolish is that?

ok, im 50.

but 35yrs ago (which isnt that long ago) kids were kids, until they left school, nowadays, kids are out, on the streets at 10 or 11. theyre getting served in pubs and clubs at 14 &15, and becoming parents themselves at 15 and 16...

why is this? because the shift from family values was replaced with family wealth... from around the mid 70's both mum and dad worked, and spent it on fancy holidays and new cars... the aspirations were swapped with expectations, and as a result, M&D wanted a life outside th family walls, leaving the kids home alone... before too long the life of avarice becomes the norm, and suddennly there is no going back.

over the years i have witnessed the differences in children where M&D both had to work, to those where mum stayed at home, and educated their kids alongside the school, instead of just leaving it to the school.

educating someone takes a long time. and due to distractions, in the classroom, and distractions at home, we are fast becoming a nation of dullards and morons...

and, we live on a dog rough councill estate in coventry, we are on benefit, (coz i'm in a wheelchair) we use the state school system (local comprehensive) and statistically, our kids are off to flip burgers at macmurderburgers.. yet Ne'ne is a qualified nursery manager, and Mop is about to go to warwick to study medicine... and Fran whos 13 wants to be a viral biologist... (weird i know)... and all it takes is the oportunity to learn...
And they all have A-level passes too
Miles more money? Is that your idea of good English?
Because parents don't give a crap about their childrens' success in school. Some parents don't even know what school their kids attend.
Because they are not taught at an early age by their parents pre school.They seem to think they can survive life without the basics ie by being street wise !!!
Because now there is more concern for teaching about other cultures and sex education. The schools are more interested in teaching about Islam, Hindu etc and learning stupid languages like Mandarin or Urdu than they are about the basics.
Political interfence.

Tony Blair's legacy, compelling the schools into slavish worship of league tables and exam pass rate statistics. This results in the coaching of students how to pass an exam rather than educate and expand their understanding.

The education system is without a doubt spitting out some of the most illeterate and inumerate teenagers in generations.
Not every 15/16 year olds are illiterate, and its not nessasarily their parents' fault, not everything should be blamed on the parents' way of bringing up their children, its the child's choice, and if he/she wants to quit school its up to them. Most people think that the way they (person) socialise is the real thing, and they will not have to learn shakespere and dickens to grasp their way of the english for times tables, they do come in useful, most of us use that knowlege subconciously.
Well I Can Tell You My School Hasn't Got More Money...
Our Council Spent Too Much Money On The Roads So Now All The Schools In My Area Haven't Been Given As Much As Were Suppose To...
And People Leave School For Other Reasons Apart From They Think Its Hard...
People Are Far Too Judgemental...
You Don't Know The Half Of What Could Be Going On In Their Lives So Stop Judging Them & Guessing That They Just Can't Be Bothered...
I Know Plenty Of People That Left School Because Of Health Reasons Or Family Problems...
Don't Just Assume.
You Don't Know What Happens Behind Closed Doors..
Its because they are just pushed on to the next class year after year even though they havent learnt anything.Low achieving students are often just put in what they call lower streams, whilst higher achievers are put in the 'higher groups' This doesn't really help the ones in the lower streams who are often taught by less skilled teachers in comparison to the teachers in the higher groups. Students should be given tests at the end of each year and if they do not reach the average standard for their year group it maybe worth doing that year again in order for them to actually get properly educated before they finish year 11.

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