Question:Hi, I learned that you need to do lots of extracurriculars for college. Do you know any examples of extracurriculars? I'm not really sure what extracurriculars are. Are they groups you join?

yes , extracurriculars it is for college . extracurriculars is after school program that give you many chance to know everyone in school ., neighbor , college ,and life skill . ex for extracculars are chess club , checker clubs . psal , gym , math helper , volunteer for better place , coummunity service , cheerleader ,college now , and many more . it depend how big your school is . some school offer more than other does .
An extracirricular is anything that you involve yourself in outside of academic classes. If you belong to a club, do any sort of community service, or play a sport, those are all extracirriculars. You can sign up for the school newspaper, get involved in a play, or do anything else that you enjoy! Good luck and I hope this helps you!

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