ACT of 28 right or unpromising?

I am a freshman in big school and am aspiring to progress to the Alabama School of Math and Science, which is a very selective institution, next year. I lately took the December 2007 ACT and got a unofficial gain (online) of a 28 composite. It was a 30 surrounded by English, 28 in Math, 27 surrounded by Reading, and 27 in Science. Do you expect a 28 is a good win for a freshman and do I have a suitable chance of getting within to this school.

Answers:    28 is intensely good. If you are concerned roughly speaking the school's entrance requirements, talk to someone nearby and find out what the average score is for incoming freshman. Remember though that they look at other things too, similar to GPA, extracurricular activities, later life, etc. 28 is a really great score though- Congrats and upright luck.
Yes, a 28 is pretty good regardless of level, but especially since you're a freshman.

Good job!
i.e. really good, and since your just a freshman i say you enjoy a great chance of getting into that arts school. i looked on their website and admissions and it doesnt vote what ACT score they require, one and only that you take it. but i conjecture you have a accurate shot now, and if you purloin it again in the subsequent few years and get a superior composite your chances will increase even more.

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