How do you find out the % of your overall math gain?

I want to find out the grade I enjoy now for my overall win in MATH class.
Here are my score: How do I find out the %age.

How DO you find the percentage do u add adjectives these up and divide by what ?
Show me how they find my overall grade for these score?


Answers:    The average is 90.8% (excluding two of the 100%s). Add adjectives the percentages up (908) and divide by the number of grades (10).
okay if these grades are all out of equal points say 100 points possible for respectively then.
1. convert to decimal (71%=.71...etc)
2. later add adjectives the decimals together
3. divide this number by the number of scores
4. convert decimal to percentage...

this will single be accurate if each ranking is out of the same number of points..except add total number of points and divide it by total number of points possible of adjectives the tests im assuming.
Well, it depends. What are test, quizzes, and hw grades? And how are they weighted? If all like, just lug the average. If not, find out how your grade will be weighted.

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