Anyone elso nerovus about tommorrow GCSE??


Is anyone else scared bot tmoz?? My twin will do amazingly and il do crap ah!!

If you think GCSEs are tough, just wait till you do A-level, if you ever do them
Best of luck,
I hope one you are waiting for is not English !
(check your spelling)
Sh!tting myself! These results will determine the rest of our lives!!

Well maybe I'm going a little overboard...
evitacrazy, you'll give him a heart attack saying that! jokes

Me too. Im going crazy here,, im going to get mine mailed,, too scared!
yep just hope i do well
kinda nervous yeah...but def not overboard. In the end getting stressed is not gonna change anything- it will only make u feel bad.
I'm more nervous about starting A levels knowing how incredibly hard they're going to be and how much worse it will be starting to work again after such a long relaxed holiday...
omg...u think GCSEs are hard? wait till you hit just gets worse! my sister's gettin her results 2moro 2 and she's been prayin every nite that she gets decent grades of luck with ur results...i'm sure you won't do too bad!
Thankfully not - once was enough.

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