Do you enjoy to be contained by dignified conservatory to rob sit theory test?

I graduated second year and never took it, im ready to step into college now, am i still competent to take it? or do you own to be in dignified school solitary?

Answers:    No, anyone can take the SAT. Since you only just graduated, you probably will still own to take it. Check first next to the college you are interested in attendings; SOME colleges don't require the SAT, or prefer other test like the ACT. If you ending up waiting longer to go to arts school, it will be very celebrated for you to check with the college because frequent have 'natural life enrichment students', which are student entering college after they have be out of high conservatory for a number of years. In this shield, you wouldn't have to bear the SAT, but a placement test instead.
No, you can still lug it. When you register (which you can do online at, there's a field that you own to fill out indicating your title level, and one of them is "No longer contained by high academy."

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