Anyone know any good iq test websites?

Question:I have just spent 20 minutes doing 2, and they bothed asked for my email!. I filled out one and then entered my email and the page disconnected on me!! Does anyone know a good website that hopefully doesnt require your email address and doesnt waste your time. Ugh aren't there any decent websites these days! Apart from this one.

this is a very very good one i always use this:
just copy and paste it to your browser
if you dont like this one the go on this:
hope this helps
Try It's the best. And if that was one of the ones that disconnected you, the you're probably using a wireless connection ith a bad signal. Hook up your ethernet!
not sure, try the mensa website
There are none. Even if the web site does what you want, you can't trust the score. A real IQ test doesn't have multiple choice questions.

If you want a valid, reliable (These are statistical terms) score, contact a psychometrist or psychologist and have an individual test.

BTW, Mensa will give you a test, but not the score. It's an admission test for membership. If you get in, you'll know you're above a certain score, but not by how much.
here are some search results for " iq test”
Here's a fascinating article on the difference between Emotional Intelligence and Intelligence Quotient: Scientists are now saying that Einstein's genius might have been more related to Emotional Intelligence, rather than IQ. Apparently research shows that Emotional Intelligence may be more important than either cognitive ability or technical expertise combined.
Try this site you are taken stright to the IQ test page. Happy IQ'ing
Hope this site works out ofr you. You might also like to look at the Mensa web site
and take the test for real. either iway good luck.

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