Ever worked hard but not rewarded?

Question:Has anyone ever had the experience of working really hard for something, e.g studying for an exam for the end result to be unsatisfactory?,, e.g if you study for a subject 2 hours after college, 5 days a week, you do your mock tests and you get A's and your teachers and family are confident you will do well, then the results turn out to be a C, is this possible and has this ever happened to anyone?

Its happened 2 me. I leaned that I was concentrating too much on one subject, also you learn more when U consult your classmates to see what answers they got. Also ask the teacher where your going wrong. Another thing that it could be is that maybe you get nervous in tests or need a different approach to your answering and time management skills.
All the time, All the time.
I have worked my butt off and felt like I fell on my face!

Happens all the time!
Everyone does mate it's a joke.
Yes, it happens to the best of us.
yeap, happends to me all the time.. It just lets me know that I have to work harder...
Get use to it. That will be most of your working life.
all the time, it's not unusual
Yep all the time, you could say its life, but that would be depressing.. Its just the way things happen sometimes.. it all evens out in the end
omg yeaaahhhh! think about it this way.you need to start your revision early.like waaaaaaayyyy back in january so that you got all ur notes!...i was gettin decent grades in my mocks n came out with really really lousy grades at the end...everyone was shocked...since i'd been helping them all revise and they came out with the A's n B's...how depressing!
the only thing i studied for was maths and i still got a d - gutted can not even come close to descrining the feeling, however we shouldn't be hard on ourselves, and just concentrate on our natural abilities whatever they are
Yes it can happen but it very rarely does. When and if it happens it is usally down to nerves on the day.
If you study hard there is less chance of this happening

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