Cramming for tests?

Question:I spent all of last night frantically cramming information for my human biology test today, when i came to do the test my mind went blank and then i panicked because i knew nothing so i just made up a few names for parts of the respiratory system..
Has anyone else done this?

I've done it many times. Unfortunately Human Bio is not a subject where you can bluff very effectively I preferred Geography for doing that.
Yes, I remember doing that almost ALL the time back in High School. We always had to label things in Bio class and I'd always be cramming that morning only to forget 50% of the info.
It's really an ineffective way to study though, because when I think back now to it, I kind of regret not putting more effort into my subjects.
yes. with my R.E. GCSE and graphics GCSE, and now i think i have failed.

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