Driving test?

Question:I am going to take my practical driving test soon (very soon) and i am extremely nervous. I have plenty of practice and i am an excellent driver (so my mom says) but i still have problems with the anxiety. If anyone has taken their driving test fairly recently and passed it, can you tell me what exactly you had to do, just so i know. thanks

1st of all- GOOD LUCK...! Alright, Since you're a good driver, it shouldn't be to hard. I do know that you will be graded on your

~Well.. (Driving) first of all
~Controlling your vehicle
~Parallel Parking- Some don't make you do that
~Stopping quickly but safely
~Approaching of cross walks
~Backing up
~Obeying traffic signals
~Proper posture-This one seems weird but it's true
~Following at a safe distance
~And smooth turning+ signals

~Just one more hint.. Try not to look over at the instructer/clipboard to much! Trust me they notice!

Hope that helped.. for more info go to
http://dol.(what ever state you live in-exp. ca=california).gov

Hope I helped!

Read your book. It is in there. It is not the same for every driver (so you can't cheat by asking others for the "answers"). The examiner will not take you into rush hour traffic. Just know your rules and watch out for the other guy. LET'S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

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