GCSE Certificate?

Question:Hi my son is going today to collect his gcse certificate from school and he would like to know how big the certifcates will be so he doesnt need to take his bag with him to school and how will he receive the certificates. Will they come in an envelope etc. Thanks

They don't get their certificates yet. They get a results slip first just to inform them of what grades they got, the certificates are posted later on.
They are A4 size!! And yes they will receive them in an envelope!
yes like the person ^ said, they just go in and get a slip or statement from like AQA confirming how they did, the slip is usally A5 size however some do come in various sizes however it should be no more than A4 size even the real certificates that he will recieve will be about A4 size later on...
The certificates are NOT available until October/November time. What is handed out today are two or three small slips of paper with the exam title on and the grade given.

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