Why does Colleges craft students steal SATs?

The Sats are a pain within every student's life. How come the colleges cause students do so, instead some other options? If it is a alptitude exam, why is it such a big factor in admission?

Answers:    The SAT and ACT give colleges a weigh up that they can use to compare you against all other students equally. Not adjectives high school are the same, and getting a 4.0 GPA surrounded by one school could be profoundly harder than at another school. However, when you rob the SAT, everyone is taking the same audition and the college can compare you equally to other students. From my understanding, colleges are moving toward looking at the in one piece student's application more than just focusing on the SAT score, including focusing more on your GPA, recommendation correspondence, and personal statement. This is partially because near is some who say that the SAT have a class or racial bias - for one, lower income students can't afford to wages for tutoring from Princeton Review and the like that oblige you to do better on the test by giving you tricks to answering the question. Of course, it depends on the school what they look at, but that's the use. Its an aptitude score against which they can compare you to the other applicants and know its a open-minded comparison.
It's a standardized test. It provides a benchmark that 100s of 1000s of students can hold. Other things vary so much. From one history class to another. There is no national standard for what a history don teaches from light of day to day. So they inevitability something that is like across the border for an entire nation.

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