Are the questions on the permit exam easy or hard ?

Question:im going to go take my test monday and i am reviewing the permit book , but i wanted to know who thought it was easy , hard, or watever. also how many questions and how many do u need to pass ?

I wish folks would be more specific when they ask questions that are posted internationally!

I assume this is for a driving permit? If you study the permit book you should have no trouble passing the exam! The questions are all related to things you need to know to be a safe driver! No trick questions--just basic essential knowledge for staying alive behind the wheel! If you can't pass this exam, you have no business being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle!
Easy. Here's a couple samples for you:

1) What color is a stop sign?
a. Red.
b. White
c. Blue
d. Yellow

2) When is it okay to tailgate?
a. Never.
b. When you're angry.
c. When someone else is doing it.
d. At night.

3) What state are you taking this exam in?
a. The state you're in.
b. Some other State.
c. Some other State.
d. Canada.

Good luck!
It all veries on where you live at, to see how many you can miss. All I have to say is study the book, and stay calm it's not bad! You'll actually be surprized how much studing the book will help!! Trust me I've had my licences 3 years!

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