For people who've taken GCSE's. Does the coursework definately have a big affect on overall mark?

Question:Just wondering as I get my Maths and ICT GCSE's (only ones I took early) on Thursday and so does my friend.

For Maths he got really bad coursework but'll proably get A* test. Whereas I got good coursework but not so sure about the exam.

It depends on how much the coursework counts towards the final grade.

I did edexcel maths and the coursework is worth 20%. The grade usually leans towards the grade you got in the more heavily weighted exam. Say you got a high B in the exam and high A for coursework, it is likey that you'll get a low A, but that will just show up as an A on results day.

I also did ICT and for me the coursewrok's worth 60% of the grade so that will probably dominate what I get on thursday.

I think coursework helps a bit and I would be a lot more nervous if it was all down to the exam.

Good luck
Your Coursework is very important to your final grade. im not sure what percentage it makes up on your final mark but it isn't a small percentage
Basically i'm not sure what is a GCSE but i know that coursework can play a very important role in your final grades. Its like earning points without going through the exam. I've once fail a paper just because i did not do very well for my coursework and another time where i scored an A eventhough i think only did OK for my finals.

Courseworks are meant to help you to make better grades so please do it fulheartly
yes, it doesnt just depend on how big the percentage is, it can differ your grade either way. e.g. for science, our coursework is worth 66% of our final grade, so that will change it in a big way. but just one piece of english courseowrk isn't worth as much % wise but you will more than likely fail the exam with just one piece missing.

e.g i took myh science exam in january, i got a C. for my coursework i got a C for one unit and a B for another, all together it was a C.

e.g.2 i also took my IT exam in january. i got a merit (B) in both of my exams, but distinction (A) in all 6 pieces of courseowrk, all together i got a merit (B).

see what i mean, mainly it is the exam that drops your coursework grade, not the other way around (though it can happen).
course work can make a difference but obviously for each course it depends what the course work counts for (like 20%, 40% etc). you can always ask you teacher if you aren't too sure because theyll know. for some subjects its alot higher.
The coursework has no effect on the Grade you get in the exam.

In one subject I got staight As in my coursework, but in the exam I got I got an E. It was a practical exam, and the teacher who was in the room was impressed by the quality of my work, and would have given me an A for it.
I took 4 Gcse's early this year, and my maths coursework was worth 20%. so if your friend is taking higher maths then it would effect his grade if he wants an A*(75%). but if he is aiming for a B it shouldn't effect him/her that much because the passmark for a B is extremely low( around 40%). as for ICT, I dont know i hope this helps.

The grade you'll get will depend upon how much the coursework is worth, which can often vary between exam boards. I did Maths with AQA, and I think coursework was 25% and you needed 72% overall for an A* (or so I remember).

If you do really well on your coursework, it can help to cushion you against a bad mark on one of the papers. For example, if your coursework was absolutely perfect, you've already got 25% under your belt before you take the exam. That means there's only another 47% to go, so you only need to get ((47/75)*100) = 63% in the exam (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm sure you've done absolutely fine, and well done for taking your exams early! :-)

Hope this helps
Yes, it does. I *Cough* forgot to do my coursework when it was due, which was 5 peices and 60 percent of my mark! i've had to do it all over the summer hols, but to get the two A* i'm predicted, it's worth it. without the coursework, it would be a double F!
yeah it is. because i got 100% on my science coursework and with my modular tests done i need just over 50% on the exam to get an A.
also, the same with my maths coursework, i now need 50% to get a B on the intermediate paper. (fingers crossed)
it all depends on the coursework grade, entry tier, exam result and what percentage of the final grade is the coursework, u would be able to find it out by going onto the exam boards website for that subject

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