Explain SAT scores on college application?

Question:I got mediocre scores (640 Math, 640 Writing, 660 Reading). Given the opportunity to put additional information, should I elaborate on the scores (not very good in timed situations)?

I'm not a college admissions officer so I can't give you the "official" word, but my gut feeling is that you should skip the explanation, but provide an absolutely STELLAR rest of your application -- essay, high school transcripts, extracurriculars, etc. You can PROVE that you're good in un-timed situations by doing this -- and that's something admissions should notice.

I imagine that admissions officers probably get a LOT of excuses for lower (and yours AREN'T) SAT scores. And, while your reason is not really an "excuse," you probably want to avoid being lumped together with those who DO use them.

If you are REALLY concerned about your scores and think you could raise them (which are actually very good although not quite "ivy league" level), consider studying for the SAT again (maybe take lots of timed practice tests from a SAT study guide) and retest.

Hope this helps!
That's like a 90th %tile score. I think you don't have a good understanding of what "mediocre" really means.

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