Gcse results day!?

Question:hi, its only 4 days till the results! is it true that teachers know students grades before they find out? also, what does the results sheet look like? how to you collect the results usually? do they call out name or are the envolpes on a table? also, what time is everyones at? any answers to any/all of these questions will be helpfull, thank you x

i know that my art and graphics teacher does alreaddy know my result but not sure about any other subjects.
you are normally given a envolope with your results in, when you go to collect them a teacher will probelly hand it out to you as you arrive.
i have to collect my results anytime in between 9.00am-11.00am thursday morning.

hope this helps and GOOD LUCK :)
dont have a clue but good luck, i live in scotland so ive already got my results and i got them through the post! sowi, but good luck!
yeh usually the school knows your results before you do, not long though, maybe only that morning? ive been wondering the same about how you collect them! Mines at 11 till 12:30
Also usually you will have your grades written on sperates sheets for whichever exam board you took the exam with, for example maths and english would be on an AQA sheet...geography and science could be on an Edexcel sheet etc etc
Good Luck!
hi, i know 4 days, i am dead excited now! as far as i know (or at least with our school) it starts at 11, which is the latest in our district because i know a lot of schools it starts at 9. We have tables with our form tutors and you just queue up and collect. It comes in a brown envelope and it is a white card with "this is not a certificate" written on the bottom, your subjects will be down one collumn, the exam board down another and your grade on the next. There are more columns but not that you need to know.

As far as i know, the teachers find out our grades at the same time as we do.
Rachel's right about the result format, but usually your schoo will make a summary sheet for you. Yes your results are known in advance, universities know your A Level results 2 days before you do!

We had envelopes on a table, I think we had to wait until 11am because it's not got the time pressure of A Levels.
Could well have changed, but the school got them the day before, if you submitted a self addressed envelope with a first class stamp you should get them with the first post.
My school just pinned the results pages up on a board. You found the page for the subject you took found your name checked the grade.
The school normally gets them earlier in the day (or the day before), and sorts them into Alphabetical Order according to the Students Surname - certain exams are done by different Exam Boards. The students who go to collect them are handed at least 2 slips of paper, which the exam title on with the grade alongside.

My school is open to the students between 10.30 am and 12 noon. To make it easier to hand the sheets out, they will ask the students that have turned up early to get into an Alphabetical Queue.

The school admin staff with prepare a page for each teacher telling them how meny of their students got As, Bs, Cs etc. The teachers NEVER know in advance who got which grade.
i don't think teachers do know before us but i'm really not sure. it looks like a document with writing on and thats about it. you go in and say your name and then they find your results for you(well at least they do at my school) and mine starts at 10 til 12 on thursday and im really nervous!!! HELP!
i think my art teacher already knows my exam result but i'm not sure about the others. i have to be at the school anytime after 10am. i'm dreading it!

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