Are you in Mensa?

Question:If so what's your IQ (you don't have to tell me if you don't want!)? I did the home test and got 143 - is that enough to get in? If not then what score IS enough?

Hey, we have the same IQ! Go us. Anyway, I'm not in Mensa, because your IQ has to be 150 or higher.
No thank you, but keep asking, I'm working on it.

No, I don't believe in IQ scores, but I know those folks do, & I think your test score is high enough to give it a shot. Go for it if you want, why not?
the only reason some people dont believe in iq tests is cuz they got really low scores
no im not is it only for americans?
Go for it, i too am going to take the test to get in in a month.

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