Can someone tell me how hard is the GED rest rate from 1-10?

Question:I'm taking the ged and I wanna know how hard it is some of my friend said its easy but i took a few practice test and its pretty hard @.@"

In my opinion, the GED is quite easy... If 1 is the easiest and 10 is the hardest, I'd give it a 3. But it all depends on how much you learned/were taught in your younger years. I think most of the stuff on the test is more middle-school or freshman-year related information. But leaving your option for a GED up to the chance of whether or not you were taught well doesn't really make sense. So, here's what I would recommend (what I did personally when preparing myself):

Pick up a study guide book, such as the ones I've listed below. I got my GED in 2005, so these are different editions, but they are from the same companies that I used. The Pre-GED book is really great if it has been a while since you've been in school or if you're not too confident that you know the information. (Or it might be a really good option for you if you've been struggling with the practice tests.) It contains both pre- and post-tests to assess how much you've improved. From there, move on to one or both of the first two books I mentioned.

Take as many practice tests as you can and practice writing essays.. Review the study guides from books as often as possible. Skip the sections that you feel most comfortable with and focus on your weak spots.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, try to relax. The good thing about a GED and the testing process is that you can always retake the tests if you fail or do poorly. No one really wants to have to, but knowing that should help you relax and therefore help you do your best if you're not stressing out about it!

I hope this helps!! I'm sure you'll do great, and I'm sure it won't be nearly as bad as you're imagining! Best of luck!!

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