As anyone considered becoming a driving instructor??

Question:Or maybe you are one already; i'm contemplating becoming one with the AA, and ultimately obtaining a franchise from them.

Good or bad idea, any info would be most welcome.

I was a Driver's Training Instructor for a short stint, and I also was a tester for state licensing, way back when.

It was a very interesting job, and I made my own hours. I got to teach one or two students at a time and I had a blast for the most part. I left because I lost my nerve after one too many accidents- after a certain point, the gas just cancels out the instructor's brake, or at least it did in my car.

I worked out of my home for an instruction company, which worked great for them, not so much for me. I got paid after the students completed all of their lessons, which is fine if you can schedule the lessons within a reasonable amount of time between them. If the student goes on vacation, or decided they are too gun-shy to be behind the wheel, or the parents decide to keep the student from his or her lessons as a punishment, I didn't get paid. If the weather was bad (this was in Colorado Springs, Colorado, so the weather could turn quickly) I couldn't give a lesson and I didn't get paid. There would be days in a row when I couldn't work. I was providing for myself, so it was a challenge to pay rent and buy groceries at times, much less buy things that I wanted.

If you have nerves of steel, can give good direction and have an alternate source of income then you shouldn't have any problems. It really is a fun job, when things didn't turn sour.

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