Question:Im applying for early addmission to cornell, but i dont have the SAT II's... will i not get accepted-- 4.0 gpa, hopefully a 2100 on sat,, not taken yet though, 300 hrs of community

There is no way to tell. In my conversations with Cornell admissions folks they are looking to make decisions between students with great academic ability, good scores, and community service. What makes you stand out from that crowd? What is it about you that makes Cornell want you for a student?
I recently bought the US News and Newsweek's editions of college stuff. One of them said that it's better to do regular admissions even if early birds have a higher acceptance rate. Some colleges (even the most selective and competitive ones) are starting to eliminate the early decisions, because they don't want students to have to cram everything in and give the admissions a crappy application. The admissions want students to do their best, and they want to see the best out of you. Push the pressure aside, and see the admissions process as something you enjoy doing. I'm seeing that right now. I like expressing myself, so I'm gonna see the process as a way to get my story across...
it really depends on which college at cornell you are planning to apply to. Look at this chart for more details:

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