Bio Sat II! Those who took it.. will take it...?

Question:I'm taking it in October. If you got a good score, how long did you have to study? What's an effective way of studying for this test? What would be a "good" solid score?

I was supposed to take it as a freshman but chickened out and rescheduled.

You certainly don't have to take AP Bio to perform well on the SAT Bio test, especially if you have been diligently preparing and reviewing from a reliable test prep book. I am planning to take the SAT Bio test this December and have purchased a SAT II: Bio E/M Princeton Review booklet to review.

I would suggest annotating the book you have bought (writing notes in the margins, underlining key words/terms, etc), making flashcards for terms and molecular structures, and reviewing any class notes.

Preparing two months DILIGENTLY should be enough to score well on the SAT Bio test. In my opinion, anything above 650 is decent, and anything above 700 is highly desirable. Just to let you know, I am shooting for above 760, and you should do the same considering how long you've been studying!

Best of luck!
Normally you take the SAT Bio ll, your junior year. After A.P bio, I took it my senior year, after taking A.P bio my junior year, and got a good score on it. It is not hard, you just have to cover your basics... However you don't normally take that test until June of your junior year or october of your senior year, it might be good to get practice and take it now.
it doenst matter when you take it. you just take it when youre ready. some people take it as freshman after basic biology. some people just self study and take it. some people take AP biology and then take it. i suppose you could not study at all and then do well but you should study alot. idk.
The subject tests of the S.A.T. are all tests that can be taken at any time, once one feels that he or she is prepared enough. If someone has taken just a regular Bio class in high school, then he or she will be prepared for the basics of the test. I would suggest taking a diagnostic test either online, or via a study aid book from the College Board. I usually prepare my students to take that test immediately after taking high school Biology. Then we reinforce the weak concepts over a six month time period. All of my students who have done this have received over 700 on this test. It's really simple, but you have to have the personal discipline to study.

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