Any tricks you use for getting high grades on standardized tests?

Mine is to research the format of the test. For example, I read about the ACT before taking it so I knew that no points are deducted for wrong answers. So when I was running low on time I just bubbled random answers in at the end and managed to get a good score. But if you were to take the SAT, 1/4 point is deducted per wrong answer so guessing on every question at the end is not very wise. If you know the format, you can make better decisions about what to do when time is running low.
shhh, this one's a secret, don't tell anyone else. ready? k, get all the answers right.
I heard if you put chapstick down the side of a scantron sheet, it automatically gives you an 100.
Saritah made an excellent point. Most standardized tests are multiple choice. When guessing doesn't hurt your score, eliminate answers you know to be wrong to improve your guessing percentage, and go with your gut (or first instinct) when in doubt.

Bon chance, mon ami!

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