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Question:I was in the first year to take GCSE exams, not o levels. In light of all the fuss over the "dumbing down" of the exams, how well would I do if I took this year's exams ? I think I'd do pretty well as I can actually string a sentence together with the correct grammar and punctuation, which seems to be a marked absence with alot of new university students if the University acceptance boards are to be believed. (Please no snidy remarks about my grammar, punctuation or spelling, I'm sure snidy is wrong but it's late and I'm tired!)

GCSEs are not getting easier, in fact they are getting harder. If you think that you can pass a GCSE exam just because you have good gramatical skills, then, pay for them and sit them and compare them with your results which you gained. There have been more components added to GCSE exams than previously. Try some of the example question papers, along with Marking Schemes on www.aqa.org.uk or another exam boards website to give you an impression of the standards, rather than wasting your money and doing your exams again.

Good question, however, good luck :-)
I am not sure that they are getting easier. But why are you all complaining that the GCSE pass rates are getting better, with all the investments that the government is putting into the education sector. Be happy, stop complaining! You're grammar is fine, but there is a whole more than that. Fool. You have to perform an in-depth analysis of famous text. Which is very difficult, as well as a variety of other topics. You indeed may not be as intelligent as a 16 year old. Why do you care?
i don't think that they are getting easier, i generally believe that we are getting better. i mean my mum was also in the first year to do her GCSE's and not o-levels, and since then:
-technologhy has improved, better computers, smart boards etc.
- teaching methods have changed (well, accroding to my dad)

I mean there have been stuff like in the newspapers about some of the unis like Bradford and Huddersfield arn't caring about stuff like spelling and such, but in the end maybe they just have lower standards and UCAS points needed so then the 'less abled' is able to go to uni. but generally speaking, there will be people who can't spell or string a gramtically correct entence together no matter which uni you go to, whether it be oxford or huddersfield, maybe they didn't take an english a-level, so no one is really asking them so have perfect english, since no one is good at EVERYTHING. we still have people who struggle to add up simple numbers, and don't know their timestables i.e. me, but that doesnt make me stupid because i am great at english, and languages and loads of other stuff, just not maths, just like some people might be REALLY good at maths, or drawing or whatever, but they just can't spell.

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