Any Tips On Math And Critical Reading on SAT?

Question:Well I got a 510 on Critical Reading and a 610 on Math... If I want to be accepted in to stony brook all i need is thirty more points to make a combined score of 1150 But if i want to get into NYU I need a combined minimum of about 1400.. I would really like to got to nyu.. Any Tips out there on how to improve on math and critical reading.. Especially Critical Reading... Thanks in Advanced

Critical reading is kinda challenging to improve but here are some tricks that I have learned over the years. Go to the library, check out a history book, usually one really boring and with lots of big words. The great thing about history books are that most of the time you already know something about the subject. Then start reading slowly and carefully to figure out exactly what the words mean. Take it one chapter at a time or in some cases a few pages. Keep a notebook with you while you read and write down the words that you don't know and what part of the sentence it is in. (ie. noun, verb, etc. it will help you later) Also write down what you think the meaning is by what words are around it. Also write those words down. Then when you are finished with a section look up the words in a dictionary to see how close you have come. Make sure that you look at the right definition. Some definitions change quite a bit depending on how they are used. After a few times you should see that you are getting better at it.

I have found it useful to write down what page number and paragraph I found the word that way if I am way off I can go back and figure out why I choose the words that I did and what words I should have chosen.

Math: I have found working with Math games helps alot but thats just me. Like online games like pogo adding and subtracting games. Usually that is where everyone makes their simple mistakes that end up costing them.

And take your time. Don't rush through it. I used these methods and raised my score 100 points.

Hope this works for you.
i'm a senior in high school now.
&took the SAT in june.
and i did worse than you..
i only need 20 points to get into the school i want to go to.

but last time i didn't study at all.
now i'm planning on taking it October 6th again.

&i got the best book ever!
it's called up your score: the underground guide to the SAT.

and it's actually fun to read it has a lot of tips on what to do and fun ways to learn the vocab.

check it out see if it's for you.

also i'm going ot start doing practice tests every week once school starts.

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