Can anyone help, I recieved an A grade for my media coursework but U for my exam results. What can I do about?

If you think your efforts in the exam deserved more than a U, you can appeal. If you didn't show up for the exam, you'll have to do the course again.
Resit the exam in January if you are doing your AS levels. ... if its GCSE i think you can do the same. No idea about if its your final A level year though... probably not a lot you can do, sorry. Unless you'd be willing to retake the whole course.
You can appeal against the final result, but you must do it straight away as there is a deadline. Speak to your teachers for advice about it.
you got less than 6% in your exam. did you even turn up? try appealing, if that doesnt work then there is not a right lot you can other than resit.
You are going to have to be honest with yourself. Did you deserve to fail or did you deserve to pass honestly. If you think you should have passed then appeal and have your results checked. Good luck

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