Describe the non-verbal communication?

Umm not exactly sure what you mean however:

Nonverbal communication is exactly as it reads. It is communication via body language, touching, gestures, eye contact, facial expression etc. Any communication that does not involve the exchange of verbal communication.

Sometimes we unconsciously communicate in this way - that is, we don't realize that we are displaying certain body language.

Think about when you are with a friend. Your body language will typically be friendly, perhaps touching, smiling, standing close to the person, relaxed...

When you are with someone you don't like you may perhaps stare off into space, create distance between that person, you might not be smiling, your shoulders may be hunched a little as you are not relaxed...

Hope this makes sense :)
Showing someone via facial expression, stance, and or your whole body, what you are trying to get across to them without using words.

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