GCSE exam results?

Question:How did you all do? Are you pleased? What next?

Spent the whole summer being nervous but it's all over now. 7A*s and 4As - less than what I was predicted but I got A*s for the subjects I'm taking at college so that's cool. I got more than all my friends muahahahah xD time to celebrate :)

I got 1 A 6 B and 2 c'S! I am so exited about that! i thought i was going to do really badly!!
For my early GCSE's i got :
C in RS, my predicted grade.
B overall in science, my predicted grade.
B overall in maths, my predicted grade.

Im really happy, but next year is what im looking forward to most, hope everyone else done well and is happy.
My son got:
English Literature A*
English Language A*
History A*
Maths A
Science A
German B
Business Studies B
Art C
I'm pretty proud of him but have said that it is the A Levels which will really count when he applies to Uni in two years time

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I got 2 A's, 9 B's, 2 C's. I was so close to getting A in maths however i am very pleased and doing A levels next year.
hey i got 1 A, 1B, 6 C's and 2 D's. I am well pleased I got back into the school I wanted and I expected I would do alot worse. A levels here I come..
2 A's 6 B's 3 C's
I got 11 A*s, one A and one D

I'm so happy I can't even speak!!
2 A* (hist and geog - doing for A levels aswell so rather good)
6 As
1 B
1 Disstinction in an IT GNVQ - apparently worth 4 A grade GCSEs but i doubt it...
3A* - Business (x2) & History
5A - Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English Lang.
3B - English Lit, Drama, Religion
1C - P:e
NVQ Level 2 - Social Studies
I got 1 B, 7 C's and 2 D.s

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