Dropping out.?

Question:Okay..I haven't officailly dropped out yet, but I dont attend classes anymore.. I'm going to officially do it a month and 4 days. [That's when I can get the papers.]

I need to know how old you have to be in the state of Mississippi to get your G.E.D and if there are any exceptions.

I'm 15...turning 16 in September..



I don't know the requirements for Mississippi, but I would suggest finding out if there might be an alternative high school in your area. They are also sometimes referred to as adult high schools.

I dropped out of high school when was 16, and then later I graduated from an alternative high school. Since I've graduated from college, and now I'm working on my graduate degree. And no I did not do everything in a row, like people typically do.

I only suggest this instead of a G.E.D. because I think it will help you go further in life. Still many who get a G.E.D. go on to lead successful lives, and even go to college later. It's just that people who have a G.E.D. instead of a diploma often have a more difficult time getting better jobs, and if you decide later to go to college you will have to pay to take remedial classes (in most cases).

I wish you luck whatever you decide. Please check into all of your options though.

God Bless!
Since you misspelled criticism please re-think dropping out. Life is really hard out there, and it is so hard to find a good job with a G.E.D. and a highschool diploma.

A spelling typo is a little different than not knowing how to spell. And dont you mean don't?
of course i dont know your story, but talk to a consuler before u do it. they can point u in the right the driection, and if they cant. they will have all the info to help you get your GED or whatever you might need.
hey i hear ya. highschool isnt for everyone. but you must be 17 years of age or older.

this website gives u other requirements for taking the g.e.d in mississippi.

I am sure that what ever reasons you have for leaving school sound very good to you at the moment. But what you have to think about is you life way down the road. I am sure that you have heard all of the stats about how much more income a high school graduate earns in a lifetime than one who has not finished school. Those statistics are true. Also, earning a G.E.D. takes more time and effort than you may think. After you drop out of school, it can be VERY difficult to have the drive and determination to go back to any kind of formal learning situation. Even people who attend school at the college level find it difficult to return to school if they have taken a year or two off.
My advice, and I know that you haven't directly asked for it, would be to talk to a counselor at your school and look for alternatives to actually dropping out of school. If you don't like your current counselor, maybe you could talk to some other counselor at your school.
I don't know your reasons for wanting to do this, but if there are problems with grades, could you get some private help to boost up your grades? If there are personal problems, could you find someone to talk to - a family member, a parent of a close friend, or a trusted teacher, etc.? Hope this helps.

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