Do you have a GED?

Question:If you do, what job do you have? Does it pay well?

Yes, I got my GED in 1967, because in my senior year of high school, I had viral pneumonia that lasted almost forever and I did not want to go back to high school when I stood a chance at getting a job with Head Start. I taught at Head Start and when Mississippi's minimum wage was 90 cents an hour; I was teaching basic kindergarten at Head start for $2.35 an hour. I was making more money than my parents were with both of their incomes. I got married in 1969 and didn't go back to work until after my divorce in 1974. I then taught Arts & Crafts with the City of Gulfport. And made a decent living. I bought my first brand new car in 1976. I went to college in 1978 using the Basic Grant program. I received my Associates Degree in 1980 and my BS in 1983.
Yes, I think getting a GED is a good idea as long as you plan to get either some college or some sort of technical degree soon thereafter.
Adult films. Make more than the president, but then again, I got a bigger ****.
I am the manager of mortgage lending institution. I make about 40,000 a year. My GED never was an issue.
Nope. Haven't got my GED yet, but I plan to. I'm an executive assistant. I made $80,000 gross about 3 months ago, but I cut my hours for school, so now I'm making $50,000.

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