Absolutely terrified..? please help!?

Question:I have my GCSEs next year and seen as my cousin is getting her results today, i'm starting to panic as his time next year I will be recieving my results.

I'm an average student but there's no way I'm going to get in to A-levels without doing some serious work! But that's what I find hard putting in to practice - sitting down and studying.

I mean what if I don't pass? what am I going to do then?.. people are not going to give me any respect and my confidence will be completely crushed!!

I'm off to Florida on saturday, hoping to have a great time and a break to help me forget my worries but I'm stressing too much about GCSEs. I found catching up with coursework extremely hard last year and I don't want to experience that in year 11 as I won't have time to revise.

Any advice to help me not feel the way I am?

Thanks, much appreciated.

I think you already know the answer but don't want to face up to the fact that the problem is 'you'. But it's encouraging that you are looking ahead to 'A' levels so you believe in yourself enough to think you can do well at standard GCSE level. So, go enjoy Florida. When you get back it's time for discipline, focus and a timetable of hard studying. Don't try to do hours of work without a break - say, 10 mins. break each hour. Have a reward system in place e.g. choccy biccy to mark a good period of work. Plan something really good at the weekend to mark a good week of study. Look, there's lots of help for you, at home, at school, on line but as you realise already you have to help yourself! If you want success enough then you go for it. Boring but true...
if your an average student then youll have no problems
if your lazy and do no work, then youll fail, if you try, then youll pass
gcse's are the easy part, a'levels are even easier, its life thats hard, and at 15 you dont need to worry about that yet!
dont worry, have a good year, and youll pass with flying colours
relax! you have the best part of the year to get yourself ready for the exams. But it is good to think about it now, organise yourself to make sure that you get all your coursework in on time and leave plenty of time to revise. As long as you put the work in you will do OK.

In my mock GCSEs i did no revision and only got one C and the rest were D and E but then i actually concentrated, did some work in the latter part of year 11 and finished with 8 A-C grades. There is proof that a little concentration and hard work can go a long way
Think of this as the boost you need to start studying, start drawing up a study timetable and make sure you stick to it. For example, study 2 hours each night and set yourself goals, it may seem alot of time but it's only for the next year, which seems nothing when you think this will determine the rest of your life. Try not to worry too much and good luck
dont be worred
because every year everyone like :O the school works going to be hard this year.
but they get on with it and do good.
i bet you did good at your sats.
so your be good at this.

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