Argh, Driving Test!?

Question:I have my driving test on the 5th September, I'm getting sooooo nervous. I'm having a load more lessons with my instructor and its going really well, I just get really nervous about tests and things. Luckily my test is at 11:41 thursday morning so the traffic shouldnt be too bad and I think schools will be back by then. Any tips?

Don't get nervous, its just driving with precaution. Always follow the instructions of the evaluator.
My daughter just passed her test on Tuesday..First REALLY practice the paralell parking! Next use your signal for everything!! Also.. If your officer is the chatty type, make sure to continue the small talk.. A chatty officer doesn't want to be sitting next to a stone. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
RELAX! That's the biggest and best tip I have for you. Other then that, just follow all those little rules. Believe when I say that the driving test isn't that bad. Those workers don't care who you are, they don't care if you pass or not, they aren't judging you in anyway. So relax, you'll be fine. All you have to do is drive like it was a girl you were taking out on a date. Just relax, don't worry about the test, worry about what you're going to do to your car to impress your lady friends.
Yeah, Take your time, relax, and you are in control of the vehicle. The vehicle doesn't control you... You'll do just fine.

I don't know if you do parallel parking but when you start seeing the barrel in the passenger's window that is when you want to turn your wheels...

Oh yeah, do the speed limit too.

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