Confused about A levels! HELP!?

Question:Just got my gcse results today and am having 2nd thoughts about my a level options. I had difficulty deciding between german and history for my 4th one, but went with history. I was expecting an A for my german gcse but got a solid A*, and i had decided against German because i didn't think I'd be good enough for A level. I really enjoyed learning german but also enjoy history. I don;t kjnow if i made the right choice! I want to be a doctor although i am not 100% sure. Should i do history or German? Please help! I'd appreciate any advice.

Basically, it sounds like you have two subjects, you like them both equally, and you're good at both of them. Consider yourself lucky ;)

I'd look at what other subjects you are doing and pick the one that is the most different from all the others so you get as much variety between different lessons as possible. I suspect you'd find that more enjoyable.

From a practical point of view, I would imagine that an extra language would be more useful then history if you are entering the sciences.

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