GCSE English - my grade?

Question:I got a grade B in my GCSE English exam.
I feel really upset because i was expected to get an A.
Is a B still any good?

B is excellent. . A grade C or above is expected for higher education etc. anything from A* to G is a pass. A* to C is a good pass. Well done
dont be upset, a B is still good
i got a B, and so did my mate who gets A's in EVERYTHING. you should be happy that you didn't get a U
According to the BBC website only 15% of people got an A or A* so being just outside that is still a good result I think
a B?

Thats bloody fabulous sweetie. Well done.

You can get into college with that.

Your parents must be very proud.
Of course B is still good. You shouldn't feel upset, you should be really proud of yourself. Chin up. Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future. Whatever it is always be proud of your achievements.
It's fine. Well done
A 'B' is still really good. English is a really hard subject to pass; there are so many things to learn and remember, and you have to also remember that some people do better in the coursework than in the exam itself.
This question illustrates what has gone wrong in recent years with GCSEs. A 'B' IS A VERY GOOD GRADE - since when was getting anything less than an 'A' grade considered rubbish? If your teachers haven't told you that then shame on them!
Yeah its good. I got an A and a B.. just be glad you didnt fail it.. there are loads of people who will have done worse than you.

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