GCSE results?

Question:did anyone get their results 2day and are u happy about them??

so so out of 5 i passed 3.
Everything well, 3 As and rest are Bs and I can't believe I passed one with an A* which I felt I don't deserve because I sucked so much at the exams, but very glad and just enjoy the rest of my holiday until it's A level time ...awww
they were great for me out of 9 gcses i passed 8! wooo
6 C's 2 B's and 1 D
im retaking the one i got a D in but i knew i was gonna fail that one (maths) so it isnt a big blow.

wooo time to celebrate

I got mine today and I feel great (thanks for asking :-)!)

How long did you guys have to wait? We weren't allowed ours until 10:30am, but it was worth the wait since I got an A and an A* in my Science (y'know, that controversial Twenty First Century one with multiple-choice questions :-p)

Well done to everybody who passed, even if you're not happy!
Im very happy with my results! I got 2 A*s, 5 As, a B and a C(in french, I knew I would get this cos the exams were really difficult!)

One thing that annoys me, which has happened the last few years, is when older people, who took their O-levels decades ago, go on about how Gcse's are getting easier! Why can't they just accept that, percentage-wise, we are doing better than they did!
But anyway, well done to everyone that got their results!
Ye i am happy
got 2 A's B, 7C's

only thing was that i was 5 marks off A star... and 1 mark off another B...!

but overall i am happy got into the sixth form i need to get in which required 7 or more Passes a-c which i was stressin about because they put it up from 5 but i got no worries but i am also feel sorry for my friend who got 6 and missed the mark of 7 for the entrance :(
Yea im happy with mine I got 2 A's 3 B's and 6 C's
I do think i could have done better in a few of them but i learned from that and im just looking forward to not making the same mistake with the A-levels I dont want to say I could have done better in one of the subjects this time round. Im happy I passed all my subjects though and even more pleased that I got an B in history because my history teacher was really putting me down and saying i wouldn't get a good grade to the point that i actually broke down and started crying in school so im really pleased with that, I proved her wrong!

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