Are grade D and E passes in GCSE?

Anything between A*-G is a pass, but A*-C are the grades that are considered to represent a true pass at GCSE level (level 2 in FE terms). Ds and below won't get you onto a level 3 course (e.g. A-Level, AVCE, NVQ3) but you could go to college at take a level 2 vocational course and if you pass that then move on to level 3 courses. Employers will generally look for grades C and above.
An E is a fail.
afraid not! they are at A level but not as CGSE.
D - G are called low passes. this means you have a grade and didn't completely fail (U). A* - C are called good passes. These are what employers will be looking for, grades under C won't be much use to you.
at least it's not a U, Unclassified
D is a pass, but above C is a good pass. I think E is a pass too.
A-E is a pass, F,G and U = fail
yes they are passes its only that they are poor passes.Don't try 2 aim 4 them always aim higher
When most colleges say "passes", they mean A* to Cs. You'll just have to ask the college or employer whether they'll accept it.
No they're not, but if you get a C it counts as a pass.
They are, but most colleges expect C and above in the subjects you want to take.
All grade A* to G are passes, only a U is a fail. However, the ones that count e.g. in league tables and for college entry to study A levels are A*-C.
it is a pass for intermediate and foundation tier. it is a pass right up till G, a U is a fail, though most colleges only accept GCSE's Cand above
Officially yes but practically no.
It is a pass but it is classed as a fail if you want to get into 6th form.
A to G are passes everything else is unclassified. At least a C in English and Maths needed for post GSCE study University etc.
Source. I'm a teacher
A* to a G are ALL PASSES in GCSE.

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