GCSE Resits for 17 year old?

Question:I sat my GCSE exams last year, and I just about got the grades I needed for college.
Everytime someone asks for my GCSE results, I get weird looks because they are not that brilliant.

As I have left school last year and started college, would I be able to re-sit certain exams?
I want to get my GCSE grades boosted so I can do a wider variety of courses in college a lot quicker.

Im in UK

Yes i know that you can do maths and English GCSE at collage and if you look into the types of course your collage does they probably will do others i think most collages do a wide range of them. If you go on to do A-levels or A-level equivalents then those grades will be taken more seriously than your GCSE ones especially if they are good.
You can resit your GCSES at college. You can do them on the side at the same time as another course. Or you can just leave it like me im 26 after th age of 18 they stop askin for them n if they do lie cus they never ask for proof...they're not as important as they tell you!!
yes. you'll be able to do maths and english free from any college because youare under 19, others you'll have to pay for.

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