Do they have SATs in the UK?

Question:have they got SATs in the UK (im from the US) or is it something like that, but a different name?

yes, we have them 3 times. literacy and maths in year 2 (7 years old) English, maths and science in year 6(11 years old) English, Shakespeare, science and maths, and now ICT has been added, in year 9 (14 years old) they also get grades from level 0 (yes i have seen kids in year 6 and above get these often) to level 3/5/8 (depending on which year group they are in and lesson). However, in year 7 we have the CAT's test which is basically the same sort of thing as the SAT's test except the school marks this, not an examiner.

but unlike the US, colleges don't look on them, they are used to see if the child is at a standard grade and in year 6 it is used to put them in their form groups/sets for high school in year 7. in year 11 (16 years old) we have our GCSE's.
Yes they have them here.
its the same huny we all have to go through the agro,pressure pressure pressure... lol
No. We have exams that are called SATs, but they are different from the American ones. Here they are tests in English Maths and Science that are given several times during a child's school career (I think something like when they're 7, 11, and 14, but that might be wrong. Colleges and universities don't look at them, it's nothing to do with that. The purpose of them is just to find out whether a child is performing at a standard appropriate to his/her age.
Yes. SATS are tested in the middle and high schools. The first ones are for kids aged about 8 and then again at 11.

Its a choice down to each school to test the kids, if the schools results are good then they get additional funding from the government..unfair on the kids to be tested so young and unfair of the government to set targets like this but thats what the UK has become
Yes, they have them before their g.c.s.e
yep! one straight forward answer lolz x
Not called the same, but at 16 years old, we do "O'" levels or 16+ exams and then at 18 we do "A" levels.
If you want to go on, then the "a" level results are very important.

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