GCSE coursework? Not allowed at home?

Question:im now entering my third year in british secondary school. i have heard things about coursework not beiing allowed to be taken home like it was before . and that you have to finish it all in schooltime. is this true

In science you cannot take your coursework home as it has been replaced with something called an ISA last year was the first year for the ISA's i think. I found the ISA's quite easy you do an experiment and then they give you an exam paper in which you must answer questions about variables and your experiment. Other than that i have been allowed to take all my coursework home.
i think that assessed coursework should be abolished
my school allowed us to take it home...maybe it depends on different schools wether they let u or not
You should be allowed to take it home! Find out if any other local schools allow their students to take their work home. If they can, and you can't, your teacher is putting your grades in jeopardy! We could always take ours home!
depends which class. maths is a BIG no-no, by law you are allowed 8 maths lessons to complete it. science is also a no but some teachers are a little leanient if it is triple or double award science. bigger projects such as english, geography and sociology you are allowed.
i was allowed to take all my coursework home and do it but i suppose i depends on your school really
No of course its not true
I get to take mine home
uptil last year, coursework could go home, they are (the governement) are no bringin restrictions on which subject coursework can go home and what can't. Therefore you need to check with your school.

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