AP Spanish?

Question:Any websites to help to study for the AP Spanish test?

i have heard that it is a fairly easy test as well. most of my friends do earn 5s on it. even ones that are not native speakers, but have gone through the levels of spanish, or even just lived in argentina or chile or any spanish speaking country for a bit.

your friend should do well on it.
If you speak spanish regularly, you don't even need to study. Aside from that, there are some Kaplan/Sparknotes type books out there for help with AP tests.
its not a verry hard test. if you simply study any notes that you took during the course then you should be able to pass. =]
which one is she taking, literature or language? if its language and you know she is already good at it, she has nothing to worry about. the hardest part of the exam is the listening portion, but thats just me.

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